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Express Facial



Want a professional skin treatment but short of time? Get on-the-spot skin solution.

Dermalogica Clear Start

skin treatment



Now teens can get their clearest skin ever!

Clear Start is the first serious skin treatment aimed at helping teens cut through the hype to get clear skin. It uses powerful ingredients and soothing botanicals to deliver real results.

Tough on breakouts, gentle on skin.

The Dermalogica UltraCalming products are serious relief for sensitized skin that calms, soothes and replenishes the most aggravated, irritated skin.


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Dermalogica AGE smart

skin treatment



Are the signs of aging more prevalent on your skin? AGE smart will give it revitalizing power boost to firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate and energise while controlling the biochemical triggers that lead to skin ageing.

MediBac Clearing 

skin treatment



Its the end of the line for adult acne with this powerful line of products that will jump-start acne clearing and help prevent acne well beyond the treatment.

Great treatment to maintain healthy skin. Facial includes professional double cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, face massage, hydrating masque, toner and moisturizer with SPF. It also includes hand and feet massage.


skin treatment



This luxury skin treatment will accelerate skin brightening, improve skin tone, enhance skin clarity and will create a fresher, healthier appearance of your skin.

Luxury Dermalogica

skin treatment



All skin treatments (60-75 min) include:

- Professional double cleanse

- Exfoliation

- Steam

- Face mapping

- Face massage

- Mask (depending on your skin type)

- Feet and hand massage

- Toner and moisturizer with SPF

- Advice about the products and how to     use them

(Extractions available on request)

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