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Clients can resume normal activities immediately after their session.
A sensation like sunburn is often observed, if clients feel particularly aware of the treatment area over the counter anti -inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen can be taken.
Do not pick, peel or pull at carbon crust- wait for them to slough naturally. This period of visually not looking 100% is worth the wait!
The area treated must be kept free of all make up, mascaras, creams and lotions other than recommended aftercare products.
Cleanse the area twice daily with mild soap and lukewarm boiled water to avoid build up of bacteria. Do not use alcohol-based cleansers or apply plasters as this can slow healing.
Expect some swelling for one to five days after treatment- recovery times are generally shorter than this. This is a normal reaction, and part of the initial stages of skin healing & rebuilding. Typically swelling is at its worst on day 3 and will have subsided by day 5.
To prevent scabbing, clients should keep the area moist using aftercare products, and supplementing their diet with additional vitamin C.
Clients must contact the clinic if at any time the area becomes hot, red or shows signs of infection.
There may be occasional weeping; this is normal and part of healing response.
As the area heals and dries, a light crust can form on the skin. Do not pick, and keep clean and dry.
Clients must revisit for a review at 6 weeks post session.
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